Warming up and cooling down for sport

10 April 2015

Why warm up?

Warming up will increase your body temperature, increase your heart rate, increase your flexibility and will help reduce the risk of tearing/straining unprepared muscles and soft tissue.

How to warm up.

  • Perform activity that uses your major joints and muscle groups, especially those used in your sport or activity
  • Gradually build up the speed and intensity of the activity
  • Perhaps start with some general stretching and then progress onto a functional activity that simulates your activity (e.g. rolling shoulders for swimming
  • Gradually increase your heart rate by performing aerobic activity like jogging, jumping or skipping
In cooler conditions you may need to warm up longer. The reverse is the case in warmer
conditions. Wear a tracksuit so that you don't lose heat between warming up and performing
your sport.

Cooling Down.

This will help remove waste products in your muscles and will help prevent soreness and stiffness. This can involve light jogging or swimming (2-3 minutes), as well as some general stretching (5-10 minutes).

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