Good first aid will get you back on track quicker

17 March 2015

If you suffer an injury, a knowledge of appropriate first aid will minimise bleeding and further damage. This in turn will help you to recover from your injury as quickly as possible.
The basics of first aid can be summed up by remembering RICER for the first 48 hours. This stands for:
  • REST the injured part so that no further damage can occur. This may mean stopping work or sport immediately and it may also mean applying some sort of splint to prevent movement of the injured part.
  • ICE should be applied to the injured part for 15-20 minutes, every 30-60 minutes, to slow down bleeding and swelling. Make sure you avoid an ice burn by wrapping the ice in a damp cloth so that it does not directly contact the skin.
  • COMPRESSION will also help prevent swelling and bleeding. This can be done by wrapping a bandage around the injured part or by compressing the injured site with your hand.
  • ELEVATE the injured part so that bleeding and swelling flow away from the injury.
  • REFER the injured person to a health professional for further assessment and management. This would normally mean to your family doctor or physiotherapist.
Physiotherapists are experts in managing sports and soft tissue injuries, such as bruises, sprained ligaments and strained muscles.
Carry on this protocol for the first 48 hours after and injury. Also during this time avoid HARM. This means:
  • HEAT
  • RETURN to activity and
until you are sure bleeding and swelling have stopped.

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