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At Caringbah Physiotherapy Centre, your ongoing health is very important to all of us. We hope that our articles will keep you up to date with information about physio-related health matters that may be of interest to you and that you might like to share with your family and friends.


What you should know about referred pain.

05 March 2015

Referred pain is a term used to describe the phenomenon of pain perceived at a site adjacent to or at a distance from the site of an injury's origin.

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Good first aid will get you back on track quicker

17 March 2015

If you suffer an injury, a knowledge of appropriate first aid will minimise bleeding and further damage. This in turn will help you to recover from your injury as quickly as possible.

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Warming up and cooling down for sport

10 April 2015

Warming up will increase your body temperature, increase your heart rate, increase your flexibility and will help reduce the risk of tearing/straining unprepared muscles and soft tissue.

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We Are Moving

14 January 2019

WE ARE MOVING !!!!! From Monday February 4th 2019 CARINGBAH PHYSIOTHERAPY & SPORTS INJURY CENTRE will be at our new home. 123 KAREENA RD, MIRANDA 2228

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