When pain stiffness and injury are causing you trouble at any age or level of activity we will help you.


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Warming up and cooling down for sport

Warming up and cooling down for sport

10 April 2015 Warming up will increase your body temperature, increase your heart rate, increase your flexibility and will help reduce the risk of tearing/straining unprepared muscles and soft tissue. Read more

Hello and welcome to Caringbah Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, where our mission is to help you to resume all your daily activities, without pain, as soon as possible.

Bruce and Briohny and their staff are a team of dedicated professionals who are highly skilled in assisting their patients to regain full health safely and efficiently.You do not need a doctor’s referral to visit our practice, however for your protection,we like to work as part of your health care team and will work closely with your other professionals whenever necessary.

We look forward to being able to help you with all your physical therapy needs.

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    B.App.Sc (Physio), B.Sc. Dip.Ed

    Bruce is the founding partner and has a comprehensive interest in the physiotherapy profession.

    He is involved in injury prevention education in the health profession and his current focus is the resolution of shoulder problems and the return of post operative patients to their full capabilities in the minimum time.

  • Briohny Day

    Briohny Day

    Briohny Day

    Briohny grew up in the Shire excelling in a variety of sports and has been a physio since 2004. Her special interests include sports injury and orthopaedic rehab, aiming for a speedy return to maximal fitness.

  • Jeff Tang

    Jeff Tang

    Jeff Tang

    Having graduated in 2012, Jeff is the newest addition to the team. He thoroughly enjoys the 'detective work' involved in making an accurate diagnosis.
    A keen basketballer and avid weight lifter, Jeffrey is a huge believer in exercise therapy to prevent and alleviate injury. 
    Jeff is a keen proponent of hands-on therapy, and his tall stature, strong thumbs and detailed knowledge of human anatomy will ensure effective treatment of most musculoskeletal ailments.


  • Clem Ringstad

    Clem Ringstad

    Clem Ringstad

    Clem brings many years of experience and a strong patient focus to his physiotherapy and enjoys working in various settings, including elite level sports, orthopaedics and gerontology. He LOVES cricket!